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“This servant leadership training course and book rallies servant leaders, armor bearers, assistants, helps ministries, ministry support staffs and leadership teams to participate in building a strong chain of support for God’s leaders.”

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Are you an armorbearer in training or responsible for training a group of servant leaders, armorbearers or support teams in the local church? Get ready to train your leaders and support ministries in a spirit of servant leadership. Earma Brown confirmed God’s authority structure in the local church included leaders and supporters inspiring an explosion of amorbearer and helps teams around the world.

Compassion, courage and power come when we follow God into service in every area of our lives–and become men and women after His own heart. With contagious passion, respect and honor for God’s house and His authority structure, Varn Brown continued the legacy by sharing practical, scriptural insights on how you can learn relevant lessons from biblical characters like King David, his mighty men, Prophets Elijah and Elisha, Prince Johnathan, John the Baptist and others.

12 Book Christian Author, Earma BrownAbout Pastor Earma Brown

Earma Brown is a Speaker, Trainer, 12 book Christian Author, Pastor of Grace Covenant Church & Co-Founder of Armorbearers International and the Ministry Of Helps Network. She along with (deceased husband) Varn, author of In The Spirit of Leadership, Healing the Wounds of a Fatherless Generation and A Devotion to Serve rallied teams of Servant Leaders around the USA and taught online Bible Studies to thousands around the world since 2002. Pastor Earma served as an Armorbearer and as a Helps Ministry Leader for fifteen years at Covenant Church, Carrollton Texas. Earma lives in rural Arkansas in between two big towns Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR near her 85 year old mother. She enjoys two grown sons Varn, Jr., Khrys; six grand-children Renae, Vaylen, Myleigha, Imani, Khrys, Jr and Isaiah along with two daughter-in-loves Jo and Staneka.

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“Join the ACTS Complete course and participate in a 90 day training program with weekly video lessons. The ACTS Complete program, Pastor Earma has designed to impart the fire of God to serve and lead in the local church.”

Armorbearer Training Course

Have  you wanted understandable instructions about being an armor-bearer? The Armorbearer Training books, ministry of helps, servant leader and now companion Armorbearer Training Courses embrace the concept that God appoints leaders and supporters. They are designed to inspire armor-bearers, assistants, ministry staff and volunteers to a stronger support of God’s leaders. These powerful resources bring the ancient term armor bearer from its early century origins into modern day use and application.

A couple of other good reasons to sign up for the Armor bearer Training Course today:  In addition, for a limited time when you sign up for the complete Armor-bearer Training video course we are including a free ebook, the Armorbearer Book Club MP3 audios (online), 2 printable PDF ATS Training study sheets, a beautiful screensaver to send along as a gift.

“Awesome Training! “ I just finished reading In The Spirit Of Armorbearing (Revised and Expanded) I’m getting ready to dive in again! Awesome book. Thank you and Varn for your ministry of equipping so many to increase their level of service for the Kingdom.  Peace. Kilian, Texas

What would happen, if you discovered every time you volunteered in God’s Kingdom even to the smallest act of bringing a disciple of Christ a drink of water, it was noted by God? It would change the way you served. Right? Pastor Earma reveals exactly that throughout the Armor bearer Training Series of books and now the training courses. She has combined insights learned from the Holy Spirit and seventeen-plus years of serving in the ministry of helps. The result is a revelatory study of armorbearing and ministry of helps principles conveyed as only servants of Christ like Pastor Brown can. Find out how to:

  • Build loyalty in ministry that will pass life’s test.
  • Follow in the footsteps of proven music minister Carmen who links his ministry’s success to serving in his local church first.                     
  • Gain a reputation in your ministry of service that will qualify you for greater service in God.
  • Gain the success that follows those who walk in God’s flow of authority.                     
  • Be God’s assistant, intercessor, and helper in the battle of faith by helping His leaders.
  • Allow God to use your ordinary service tasks to accomplish the extraordinary in your life.

All of these principles and more are explained in this course. It presents understandable instructions on how to be God’s armorbearer to His leaders. Experience today the joy of serving your leaders in the spirit of armorbearing.

Order the Armorbearing Training Online Course complete $297 $197 or ACTS I or II at $147 $97* each now and gain a fresh perspective on serving as an armor bearer and the ministry of helps. Thank you for visiting our website today. Please come again.

pastor-myraWe believe in servant leadership

I just wanted to tell you thank you both for the Spirit of God and the spirit of humility that emanates through your work. It is so refreshing to me as a pastor to know that there are those in the Body of Christ who take seriously a ministry such as yours. We believe in servant leadership and I see it in you both. Thank you for refreshing my spirit. God bless you both! Pastor Myra Bell – USA

All of these principles and more are explained in this course. It presents understandable instructions on how to train or become God’s servant leaders. Experience today the joy of serving as His leaders in the spirit of servanthood.

A Couple of Other Reasons to Sign Up for the Armorbearer Training Course Today:

Again, for a limited time when you sign up for the Armorbearer Training Course Complete (12 lessons) we are including a free ebook version In The Spirit Of Armorbearing (via download), the Armorbearer Book club 4 audio MP3 set (via online), printable pdf study guide sheets and a beautiful screensaver to send along as a gift. 

Order the Armorbearer Training Course: In the Spirit of Armorbearing, Part 1 & 2 at $47* now and gain a fresh perspective on serving as a servant leader and the ministry of helps and receive online video course – 1st lesson today, book via postal mail and MP3s online. Thank you. Please refer us to your ministry friends and associates.

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In the Spirit of Armorbearing: Becoming The Gift Of Support (paperback book) $12.99
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ACTS Course 1 (six lessons delivered now; 2nd Part – ACTS Course 2 six video lessons (now available)

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P.S.  Ready to start your personal training of  servant leader principles with the Armorbearer Training Course & companion book In The Spirit Of Armorbearing or scout the course before teaching and imparting the spirit of servanthood to your leadership and support teams through a leadership training class? All you need is this video training and the super easy to read ministry training book with study sheets inside. Remember, if you act now the ebook will be yours free plus the exclusive bonuses. It will be one of the smallest investments made to jumpstart your personal training, small group study or the training of your leaders and support teams.

 It has put a fire in them to serve..

I ordered this book (In the Spirit of Armorbearing) from the suggestion of a friend. It was perfect! I have started a training class for armorbearers in our church. The members love it. It has put a fire in them to serve. I am fully satisfied with the content and the lessons written here. It was done with the love of God on every page. Thanks!…” -Carmen Olson

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Armorbearer Training Course

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